As of 2013, three quarters of British residents have access to a broadband internet connection at home, reports telecommunications surveyor and watchdog Ofcom.

It is reported that currently, 21.7 million British homes have got broadband connections, which amounts to around 73% of total residents, a marked improvement from 65% last year. Of the millions of people with broadband internet in Britain, 22% of those people (a total of 4.8 million) also paid an extra cost to enjoy super-fast connections, which is more than double last year’s figures.

British residents can also benefit from over 34,000 internet hotspots around the country in places such as coffee shops, pubs and restaurants. This is over twice the amount of publicly available internet connections than there were in Britain last year.

Ofcom have stated that unfortunately, 10% of British homes still had internet connections that were below the supposed national minimum broadband speed of 2 Mbps. A spokesperson announced that Ofcom would be conducting research to assess broadband connections on 3G and 4G networks offered by various operators.

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