You are here: Home » Internet Connection »  Posted on 3:54 pm, December 2, 2013 by sites owners Ookla have recently released global internet speed rankings, where the US has placed a sluggish 31st in download speed tests. Asia and Europe are occupying most of the top spots of the chart, with the first five places being hogged by Hong Kong, Singapore, Romania, South Korea and Sweden respectively. Compared to Hong Kong’s 71.22 Mbps, the US’ 20.74 Mbps looks meager in comparison.

The fact that the US is sprawling compared to these countries, as well as the fact that there are still parts of the US which lack a modern internet infrastructure, lends a lot to these statistics. At the moment high-speed internet service is the subject of much talk in the US, with Google, AT&T and Amazon all jumping on the bandwagon.

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